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The Resort Waterfall Bar is much more than a place for enjoying a cocktail, glass of wine or beer.

Located in The Resort, the Waterfall Bar and the adjacent restaurant is the venue for our tasty all-morning breakfasts (although guests can always order breakfasts in their room for added privacy).

This is also the place for those not touring the temples, and in need of lunchtime sustenance or a poolside cocktail.

But when the sun goes down, the subdued lighting goes up and the restaurant is set for dinner. Then, we serve our wide range of Western and Asian favorites in our Red Lantern Restaurants at the Hotel and Resort.


Next to the classics like Pinacolada, Mojito, Tequila Sunrise and many others, we also have our own selection of exclusive house cocktails!

Angkor Wat Cosmo

Bacardi Gold Rum, Triple Sec, Cranberry and freshly squeezed lime juice topped with a little sugar syrup well shacked and served together with some frozen cubes.

Khmer Martini

Crushed ice bathed in Ginger infused Absolute vodka, some freshly shopped mint leaves, lime juice and sugar syrup well stirred and served in a Bacardi sprinkled glass.

Bakheng Sunset

Freshly squeezed Orange Juice mixed with Vodka, lime juice, sugar syrup, and Blue Curacao all shaken vigorously together with some ice rocks and topped with a splash of Soda.

Golden Banana

Bacardi White Rum, Vodka, Triple Sec, Crème de Banana joined all together in the shaker with a touch of Fresh Lime juice and Sugar Syrup, shacked well with some ice rocks to result in a fantastic fresh orgasm of flavours.

The Rambutan Hotel & Resort in Siem Reap, located in a quiet paved lane just 5 minutes walk from Phsar Cha (the old market), right in the middle of the historical center of Siem Reap town and features lush tropical gardens and two oasis salt water pools, plus a restaurant, bar and spa. The accommodation focuses on comfort and privacy, with all Deluxe Terrace and Deluxe Rooftop Terrace rooms having their own private terrace with outdoor bathtub and splash shower and almost all Balcony Villa’s split on two levels offering plenty of relaxation space for living and sleeping. A stylish design coupled with a little local culture, ranging from the contemporary artwork to the locally-made furniture and silk textiles which are in abundance. Rambutan Hotel & Resort is a social and eco-responsible property that is hip, happening and gay friendly.


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(formerly Golden Banana Boutique Hotel)